UmbraCoin v2 is a newly reconstructed decentralized, self-governed, proof-of-stake, Masternode cryptocurrency that is community-driven.

Community-Driven and Lightning-Fast Transactions

Being a masternode protocol coin, transactions are lightning-fast with many happening in seconds. It also allows the community to decide where the future of the coin should go. By using a vote and proposal system, we can decide as a community what should be done next to propel us further into the future.


Private and Decentralized

The Implemented ZeroCoin protocol provides REAL privacy by allowing truly anonymous transactions to be created with a click of a button. Using the masternode protocol, it allows anyone to run a node, support the network, and help keep it secure, while generating new coins in the process! (ZeroCoin protocol temporarily disabled for coin swap)


Real Application and Reduced Volatility

UmbraCoin will serve as the foundation for our (DEX), a decentralized exchange, called UmbraEX. With our UmbraCoin buyback program, we want to ensure that our coin is able to fuel our platform and help it grow over time with no holdbacks. (TBA)


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